Treatment Options

Swedish Massage

A slow soothing full body massage designed to relieve tension and promote relaxation and wellbeing. Take the stress away from your hectic day with this wonderful massage treatment.
   60 min.
   90 min. (Allows more time to work slower and efficiently to achieve maximum results)

Deep Tissue Massage
A more focused massage aimed at the deeper tissues of the muscles. By increasing the pressure slowly the therapist can work on problem areas to help relax chronic muscle tension and work through adhesions and scar tissue.
The sayings “NO PAIN NO GAIN” or “THE HARDER THE BETTER” may be true for some, but I am a firm believer it shouldn’t always have to hurt to work. By slowly working the muscles from superficial to deep we can achieve better results for both the client & the therapist.
   60 min
   90 min
   120 min (Best for clients with many problem areas)

Myofascial Trigger Point Therapy

Trigger points are hyperirritable spots (Taut Bands) in Muscle, Tendons, and Ligaments that can also refer pain elsewhere in the body along nerve pathways. Trigger Points can cause muscle weakness, pain, numbness, tingling, and loss of sensation.
Testing and locating Trigger Points through ROM (Range Of Motion), Applying Compression Techniques, Stretching, Contracting, Relaxing and using Movement will help put the client on a self-help program to feeling better.
   60 min Session

Reflexology Treatment

A relaxing massage for the person who’s not sure about having a full body massage but may want some pampering to their hands and feet.
Pressure points in the hands and feet are a road map to the organs of the body. Working on these pressure points can help release tension and provide circulation to other areas of the body. This is a wonderful treatment for tired feet & hands.
   30 min

   45 min
   60 min



Chair Massage
Chair massage is a great tool to have at your Corporate Health & Wellness Events, Trade shows, or at your place of business. What better way to reward your employees while they are at work by rewarding them with a 10-15 minute massage to break up their work day. They will love you for it.

Having a chair massage in your booth at trade shows will make the public very inquisitive. People love free stuff, so why not offer a free massage while you take care of business. Believe me, it works.

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